Renew Your Smile With A Dental Implant

As we age, our risk of developing serious dental concerns increases. This includes the formation of periodontal pockets, which are areas of bone loss between the teeth due to the buildup of plaque and tartar that can happen over time. In these spots, it can be difficult or downright impossible to fully clean away bacterial accumulation with brushing and flossing, leading to further harm. Periodontal pockets can lead to tooth loss, and if you have missing or failing teeth, talk to your dentist about your options in prosthodontic repair.

With our team of dental implant experts in Charleston, SC at East Cooper Dental, you can revitalize your smile with a biocompatible solution that gives you back your bite and improves your appearance. Through the use of a sturdy titanium post, your dental implant gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods again with a strong connection between your jaw and your prosthetic. Learn more about how dental implants can help you to look your best by calling our team today!

How Dental Implants Use Advanced Science To Renew Smiles

When you need to replace one or more of your missing teeth, it can be really hard on your daily life. Dental implants help you to find your confidence again, and this process centers around the placement of a threaded titanium rod. Titanium works with the human body in a special way, helping your body to grow snugly around your new implant post.

After your short period of healing, your provider can place a new custom prosthetic tooth to the location. This has been specially designed for your smile needs, and so it can blend in with your natural teeth. And since this all connects directly to the bone in your jaw, you have a strong connection that can handle the stress of eating even the most difficult of foods.

Implant Dentistry Provides A Prosthodontic Option For A Variety Of Forms Of Tooth Loss

If you have lost more than one tooth, a dental implant can be a suitable solution for you, as well. Talk to your dentist about your specific needs and learn about how implant dentistry can be a help in the replacement of multiple teeth. In fact, implant-retained dentures and bridges are helping people to have a custom prosthodontic solution for extensive tooth loss. These options take advantage of dental implant technology for partial and whole mouth repair!

Find Out More About Dental Implants With East Cooper Dental In Charleston, SC

When you are ready to discuss a more permanent replacement for your missing teeth, talk to our team about setting up a consultation. For more information, give us a call at East Cooper Dental in Charleston, SC today at (843) 388-9894!

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